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Two weeks ago, my girlfriend and I went out for a hike to the Moerputten, a nature area nearby ‘s Hertogenbosch to “train” our new hiking boots for our upcoming holiday and to enjoy the calm nature in the morning. Read more about our walk below!

The Moerputten is a nature area about 118 hectares and is known for its swampy terrain. Distinctive for this area is the railroad preserved for hikers to walk over the water. Want more information? Check wikipedia: Moerputten.

The Moerputten can be found here:

We went for a walk called the “Halve Zolenpad” which we choose to walk the 5km version (yellow path), a walk to get the legs working a bit 🙂

Free parking is easily found at the start of the walking area:

During the summer period a large amount of the Eikenprocessierups can be found in the Oak trees. Be cautious! These little bugs can cause rashes, itches and swelling when you come in contact with the caterpillars. To be safe, avoid walking close and/or below the trees and do not sit below the trees.

The walk is a short walk with some varieties: you walk through a dense path, across the bridge, through some open fields and last a small swamp. See the pictures below:

At last, we went for some drinks and a small bite to Lots, a lovely dinner place where you can have pancakes and drinks. Because we were early (before 12 o’clock) the lunchroom wasn’t opened yet (missed my pancakes!) but we had some nice apple pie and chocolate donut, with our cappuccino’s served with a small Tony Chocolonely.

If you have a nice hiking suggestions, please leave a comment below! Have you walked this hike before? Let me know what you think!