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In this blog I will show you several freeware games I enjoyed playing when I was just a little fellow. Back in the day my pc was not strong enough to play the latest games. Freeware games had as big advantage that they were free and running on any pc and they were available in plenty!

The following games are in random order and I can recommend playing all of them!

Little Fighter 2

This game was one of my favourites. In this game you play as a character who has different skills and spells depending on which one you choose. A mage for example can conjure shields and energy blasts, while a ninja can duplicate himself.

Major strength of this game was the 4 player mode in Coop and/or versus mode and even supports networking so you can play online or via Lan. It received several updates but currently is not updated anymore as the creators have move to their new game, Hero Fighter, which is a graphical and gameplay improvement over the Little Fighter 2.

Little Fighter 2 can be downloaded from the official website:


Ah, Liero. A quirky game where you try to blast the opponent to pieces. This can be played against the computer or against a real player sitting next to you. With its maps, plenty of different weapons, it was always fun to play and see who is the fastest at eliminiating the other player.

Currently the version I played 1.33 is available on the developers website, with several open-source projects launched in the latter years. You can find it over here:

Doka Oni

This was also one of my favourites to play. It revolves around players running around a maze while collecting chickens and avoiding the demons chasing them. Playing in 2-player adds more hectic to the levels and trying to close in a chicken without being caught is a rewarding experience.

Unfortunately it seems that the original creator has no active website anymore, so a search on the web is needed to find this game, but it is worth the effort.

Building Panic

From the same maker as Doka Oni, this games hosts the same characters. Its core gameplay revolves around getting all the squares in the color of you character to win the level. Fun and charming game, and the inclusion of 2 player mode is a welcome addition.

As with Doka Oni, you will have to search the web for a download file.


This top-down shooter hosts a 2 player coop mission mode and a deathmatch mode. Back in the day when first-person shooters were not running on my pc, I could at least have a blast at the enemies with this game.

C-Dogs currently is being updated as C-Dogs SDL, an opensource project which can be found on: C-Dogs SDL

Blobby Volley

While C-Dogs had lots of blood in it, blobby volley makes up for this by offering a 1 or 2 player beachvolleybal game, only with blobs! The fun part of this game is the level of control you can exercise over the movement of the ball and is a game of easy to learn, hard to master.

Blobby Volley was back then a PC only game, but currently can be found playable on webbrowser, Google Play, Apple Store and even on the Xbox one! More information over here: Blobby Volley

Jump ‘n Bump

Don’t let the cuteness fool you, as there will be plenty of bloodshed in this game. In this game you can play up to 4 players and your goal is to jump on the other rabbits head, killing them in the process, and become the last man standing.

Although the creator does not host the original download anymore, it can be found very easily on the web.

That’s it for this blog? Do you have any fond memories of one (or more) of the above games? Or do you have any other freeware classics you want to share? Leave it in the comments below!