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Santa Claus brings festive joy to Jump Ivy!

With Christmas arriving soon this update brings you into the festive mood! In this update I added Santa Claus as a playable character and can be selected for free. Download link: Jump Ivy

In addition I changed the background to be in the Christmas spirit, added a Christmas tree and made it snow while playing as Santa Claus.


I was kind of amazed how easy it was to add a whole festive theme to it. Although I have added additional characters before, I did not add a whole theme to the game.

The most difficult task proved to be adding the particle system for the snow effect. After some troubleshooting I found a way of making it snow and, very important, making it snow white snowflakes instead of purple ones!

Besides the particles, changing the layout to match the christmas background provided to be more work than expected, mostly due to the bad way I setup my UI throughout the whole game. This is something I will have to improve for my new games if I want to keep it manageable in the future.

Enjoy Jump Ivy and Ho Ho Ho!