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Finally it is live!

What seemed like ages on the 6th of August 2017 marked the release of my first ever attempt at creating a mobile game.

Although the game may seem simple, and I will certainly believe other people can create this in mere days, it took me a significant amount of time to get to this point. Let’s have a recap!

Several game ideas have been floating in my mind over the course of many, many years and although I wanted to do something with it, I did not find the time/effort/tooling to do so. Until I recently thought: “What is exactly stopping me from creating a game?” Nothing! So I searched around the web trying to find tutorials, tips and more about creating a mobile game.


That is when I stumbled upon Unity3D, a free 2D/3D game engine that has all the possibilities to craft a game with limited knowledge and able to deploy to a wide range of platforms. Added bonus that it is free to use, until you earnings reach a certain threshold. On 13th of June 2017, I registered on Unity3D and started with my first attempt at creating a game.


Fortunate, Unity3D provides the possibility to develop a game without any coding knowledge. However, I wanted to learn some programming skills and Unity3D provided two options: C# and UnityScript (A Javascript like language). I went with C# as the information and tutorials on the internet are largely written for C# and as of August 11th 2017, Unity3D is slowly abandoning the UnityScript in favour of C#, so my initial decision to go with C# provided to be the better choice. It provided to mostly trial-and-error, while fixing one bug created a hole for another to occur, although it was most rewarding when you tackled a bug (which I created myself to begin with).

Time, time and time!

It took me around roughly 2 months of half an hour/one hour per day to get to the release of Jump Ivy, my first mobile game. The release on Play Store only was a choice driven by the simple fact that I don’t have an Apple device to compile my project on, which is necessary in order to submit to the Apple Store.

In the next blog, I will elaborate more on Unity3D!